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A man without fear

A man without fear is a man without hope.

—Father Everett, Daredevil

More social than average today. The usual work and worship until around 13:30, then coffee with Robin. "Coffee" in this case is used figuratively, as a morning latté from Vivace combined with a cup of Zoka between services left me with a very intense caffeine buzz— during time with Robin, I opted for honey ginseng green tea. Our conversation was good, about life, church, and singleness.

Made plans yesterday to spend the evening with Connor and Sara. Though there's no way I could have known it, I should have hung with them last night instead— they were considering the Dolour show at Sit & Spin, and it turns out this would have been a good place for me to have put in an appearance. Nonetheless, our social time tonight was fun, first grabbing nachos and margaritas at Torero's, then catching the 20:00 showing of Daredevil.

Daredevil was more entertaining than I had expected. Never a huge fan in my comic book days, yet there is always something compelling to me in the stories of heroes, regardless of Hollywood veneer and cliché— a resonance. In this story, Matt and Elektra share an understanding that forms a connection between them; they live a different kind of life and see beyond the surface of the world. Sparring on the playground, they discover the most unexpected thing in their worlds: a match.

I must admit, I've always liked the thought of that.

A man who fears nothing is a man who loves nothing; and if you love nothing, what joy is there in your life?

—King Arthur, First Knight