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Gearing up

Seattle has been quite warm for the past couple of days, which makes me quite appreciative of my basement apartment. When I shopped for a place a year ago, I thought I would want a view of Seattle, or a fireplace, or both. Once I saw my place, however, something felt right and I snapped it up. Good thing, because I'm a total weenie about temperature and hate getting too hot. I'm certain I'd be whining non-stop these past few days if I lived on an upper floor. My apartment, quite simply, rocks.

I won't be able to dodge the relative heat for the whole day, though. I've got an interview with an agency at 2:30 this afternoon downtown, so I'll be hangin' in my suit. My only suit. I'm still such a kid (not that I mind!). So any thoughts, prayers, and well wishes are most welcome (about the interview, not the suit).

I've felt a very mild case of the grumps coming on in the last day. Nothing major, just a warning sign. With God's leading and strength, I'm breaking free of some long-standing patterns of sin and ugliness in my life. That's bound to get some resistance from my flesh, not to mention spiritual attack. The feelings underlying my grumpiness are restless and prideful, in direct opposition to the humility God is trying to build in me. I need to keep taking that pride (the rotten kind, not to be confused with the self-acceptance that comes from knowing God's acceptance of me-- that's actually humility!) back to God and laying it down in prayer for Him to deal with.

Spoke with my sister on the phone yesterday. I'm trying to do a better job of keeping in touch with my family, not because I "should," but because I really do love them. She's having a hard time being back at work, with my brother-in-law taking on the stay-at-home parent role for my six-month-old nephew (do you like how I managed to fit three hyphenated phrases in this sentence?). They'll revisit that decision in August, when she needs to let her office know if she'll be staying on or not.

Have I mentioned how much I like being unemployed right now? Well I do.

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