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(Not quite) Wake-up call

A telemarketer just called to ask what age group of women I'd be open to dating. Dear Lord, please don't let me be that pathetic.

I need my coffee.


was it a male or female caller and yes I need coffee also my caffinee balance is all out of wack from starbucks late last night
It was a cheery female caller...I suspect that's part of the intended grab.
::snorts:: LOL! Are telemarketers paid to ask these questions nowadays? What is happening to the world?
See, I wish I were paid to answer them. That would seem fair...
Of course you're not that pathetic. I'd just tell them that you're not available... Since you're only available to the one who God has for you, until you know who she is, you're not available.

If that makes any sense... :)
It does. I told her I'm in a relationship, which is true (with Him). And I've no promise that He has made someone for me, but I do look forward to discovering whatever and whoever He has intended for me. It'll be good, wild, and glorious.
Willow Group

*Lame 3rd season Buffy joke made, Marm trots off into the sunset...*
Wow. I had to look that up. Well done.