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Well, this should be interesting: fairly soon after returning home from work and our weekly B-Side Records meeting, I crashed. Just enough time for dinner. And now, I'm awake.

That doesn't mean I'm not tired; I'm just not sleepy. No, I'm tired of a million things, specks in the eyes of others and logs in my own. Tired of repetitive patterns of senselessness, of inane prattle and self-indulgence. "Enough!," I long to shout at all within earshot, knowing that, truth be told, I am the first and foremost condemned in my exasperation.

Yet again, I'm glad it's not about me. Not my understandings, not my opinions, not my principles, not my personality, not my preferences, not my flaws, not my foolishness, not my righteousness. That's good news indeed— a very different "enough."

And I'm no more sleepy than when I began.


What is the significance of your user icon?
The image is taken from the Japanese war flag, and Banzai is an old nickname (the Japanese word is an exclamation meaning "May you live ten thousand years!"). I don't have any Japanese heritage or expertise (just a couple of years of the language in college); the whole deal is tied to other parts of my personal history. I decided to bring it back as my LJ alias, to give me some anonymity.

Believe it or not, that's the non-confusing version...
so i'm curious about b-side records. what kind of goals do you guys have?
We went over a draft of some basic info on us and our direction at last night's meeting, stuff we hope to put up on the site (with some redesigning, ideally). We're concentrated in Seattle and New York for the time being, and we're putting together a project or two to get the word out.

I'd be glad to talk more specifically anytime; just shoot me an e-mail. And congrats to The Dandelion Method for being a music pick in this week's Tablet– have a great show tonight!