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Moving along

Grey is not the color I expected
On one who is so often touched by grace

–Toy Matinee, "Things She Said"

I love this album.

My disquiet continues, like some kind of emotional road trip: I've travelled a ways, covered a lot of ground, but with the same tone throughout. Yesterday it drew me to seek out an old face, the image of one once and still dear to me. An image is all I have, but it was enough to make me remember and feel. Still, it's not about that, I don't think. Until I put my finger on what's wrong, I'll just live with it and keep moving.

As things have moved along, my side venture is slowly going public: B-Side Records. That's right— of all things, I'm one of the founders of a record label. The irony of that is so much richer than most people know. The site needs serious construction, as does the label, but we're beginning. My partners' connections should give us a fighting start. Only God knows how I ended up along for the ride, but that's one of the factors that gives me greater hope than if it were something based on me.

No Community Group tonight because we've a potluck on Saturday. What a huge relief. Just having time sounds so wonderful, so peaceful.
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