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While I've no business being in a funk, I've still been in a bit of one all day long. "Bear one another's burdens," Scripture exhorts, and sometimes I think I do this a little too well. Not to paint myself a martyr, mind you— if I were a man of greater faith, I think I'd also be a man of greater hope.

All that to say I haven't left my apartment today. My wardrobe has been blue plaid flannel pants and an old t-shirt; my menu has been leftover pizza and snack food; my entertainment has (by and large) been whatever seems most diversionary on hundreds of channels of distraction (note: The Virgin Suicides is not an uplifting film). A world on the brink of war, a church that counts on me, a life filled with irony and potential, and I've spent my first day off in a week wrapped in a little cocoon of self-absorption.

The hardest part: I don't know what's on my mind, my heart. I'm not sure what's bothering me. The cumulative effect of the races I've been running? A reminder of my limits and need of God? Something borrowed and blue? The best guess, as usual, is D) All of the above.

Jesus can handle this, whatever it is.


NO, You are right it is not a uplifting movie but it was really good other wise
i think the only thing missing from the day's attire is a baby-blue shirt: "God is Awesome!!" (it would also fulfill answer choice C) *wink*

with a world on the brink of war, a church that relies on you, and a life filled with irony, you deserve (and need) your first day off in a week to nestle into a cocoon of self-absorbancy.

may you find peace, dear Captain.
you're in my prayers.


"Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!"