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Return to unwelcome territory

Strange day. Started out fine, but around midday, while I was at Victrola, something hit me, hard, and crashed inside. One of those emotional things I don't have a ready explanation for (no objectively discernable cause). Since then, I've been pretty non-functional, frozen, paralyzed. There are things I have to do tonight, and I can't find the internal resources or reserves to do them.

This has happened to me before, a few months ago (oddly, starting on a Saturday: I wrote about it here and here), and God got me through it. Have to pray and trust that He'll do it again. Feel like a dead man walking right now.


Yeah, the only thing that helps me deal with the odd bout of that hideous dread and despair is talking to God. He makes me believe in goodness again and somehow, that seems to be enough.
"The bows of the warriors are broken,
but those who stumbled are armed with strength"
1 Samuel 2:4

maybe this passage resonates because i read it
shortly after we departed today. maybe not.
personally, i love its message, its context.
God is with you as you are His son.
take refuge in prayer...
take refuge in Him...
and strength shall come.

my prayers are with you always, Lee.
Yeah, I think that most Christians have been there at one point or another. It's a horrible feeling ... but exciting at the same time, if you can just find a way to trust that God is going to be there - teaching you something new through the paralysis. Easier said than done, I know ...

You'll be in my prayers.