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Christopher's wife Sara has e-mailed me for counsel. Their marriage is in such turmoil, and I can't help but feel speechless and ill-equipped. Felt similarly a couple of weeks back when a man I'd barely met asked to pray with me after church and broke down into a heap of sobs. Years ago, I hoped to be used by Him as a bringer of healing to broken souls. Now I feel inadequate and unqualified for the tasks before me. How could I possibly be used by Him in this way?

Received the Winter issue of Static\Epiphany Avaldus on Sunday. Three of my poems were selected for this issue: "Exodus," "Bartimaeus," and "Check in." So there's no misconception, the circulation of this zine is very small (around 50, I think), so it's hardly a big deal.

Another artistic endeavor on the horizon (not my own) seems more and more likely: a benefit compilation CD with artists related to my church. Tracks from some pretty big league acts seem likely (nothing official, but look specifically under "D" and "P" in my interests). Could also be a launch pad for another venture Phil and I have been half-joking about for a while. About time weirdness and irony worked in my favor.

As I was writing, received a phone call from Laine and Mike in Texas. Laine now works in an agency that develops measures to manage and counter biological weapon attacks and other national security issues, while Mike works in domestic disaster management training. Sounds like they may be moving to Seattle in July or August. Laine told me Mike would secretly like to start a bakery. I love them dearly and can't help but be intrigued by yet another possible case of ironic convergence.

The players are lining up.

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