July 29th, 2010

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Grounding and remembering

Enjoying a cool morning at Irwin's with a cup of coffee and a slice of banana bread. Felt pretty chaotic and untethered of late, which is uncomfortable for me, so this is nice. Sometimes the simplest things are also the most grounding.

We had a full slate last weekend, with a whopping six social engagements over two days, plus dinner out with a friend on Tuesday. And even though that's tiring to my introverted soul on one level (I only spoke with barlow_girl and a barista Monday!), each had a different kind of goodness that makes me glad to have our life, our church, and our relationships here.

Sometimes I feel a bit like the protagonist from Memento, needing to leave notes and messages to myself to remind me who I am when I forget. That's a lot of what keeping this journal is about. And as a Christian, I know that's also what the Holy Spirit does through Scripture—a "means of grace," in theological verbiage. I avail myself too little, I'm afraid.