August 15th, 2009


Community: Being together

Enjoying a communitygroup overnight at velouria73's family beach home on Camano Island. As is usually the case, it's challenging to stop (painting, of course) and rest, but it's also been so rewarding—not because of any amazing shared mountaintop experience, but simply to be with these friends. They're so wonderful, and spending time like this is part of living our lives together in Christ, even in the fumbling, stumbling steps we're able to take.

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Thankfully, those aren't struggles I'm wrestling with in our Community Group—the contrast between what we're doing here and what I hear others go on about is just striking enough to bring them to mind. We're learning and trying to love one another as He has loved us, which may not be that sexy most of the time and will certainly be fraught with failure (and hopefully repentance and forgiveness). But it's what He commanded us to do, what He prayed for us to do (John 17), and what His Spirit is empowering us to do. And we're trying, which I have to believe is better than high-mindedly talking about it while turning our backs on the people God's placed in our lives. Perhaps this choice seems mundane, but I believe it's a faithful one.