January 24th, 2009

Dead horse

Why I don't do much relational work online

Made a note to myself back in November to write an entry about why I don't do any serious relational work with others online. Never got around to actually writing that entry, and when I found the note again this morning, I wished I'd written more about what I meant. Even so, it bears some fleshing out.

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The bottom line is that relationships aren't intended to be nearly as much about me as they can seem to be here. Other people's stories are just that, and the more I bury them in my own stuff, the more I feed the beast of my own ego. Others don't need to entertain me. They don't need to agree with me. They don't need to play by my rules. And of course, of course I'm going to have responses to our differences, but most of the time I need to either work those out on my own (my journal is still mine, however) or with them (somewhere other than the internet).