February 16th, 2008



I'm geeking out over learning new ways to use Google Reader more effectively, including increased mastery of keyboard shortcuts. Trying a few new things on my Mac as well, with mixed results. Always hard to gauge what's worth getting used to and what should be abandoned. That's applicable in a lot of life, I suppose.

barlow_girl is with me at Irwin's this morning, which is a treat. I'm so glad she doesn't have to work this weekend and hope it can be a good recharging time for her.

Feels good to have been getting a few things done around the house, too. Doing everything with an eye toward the next move, whether it's sooner or later. One of the hardest things about moving is engaging the editing process with stuff while trying to juggle everything else, so the better edited we already are, the smoother it'll be. Eventually, editing can reach a point of diminishing returns, where there's just not much fat to trim and it's just work for work's sake (I think I've already started bumping up against the edges of this). There's still quite a bit to do, though, and parts of it are kind of fun.