January 27th, 2008


Being a customer

Came to the hill early to get a jump on work, only to find that my dear Victrola isn't yet open (though their website and door both say they should be). I'd pretty much already decided last night that I'd be defecting to Caffe Ladro this morning anyway (Victrola doesn't offer wireless on weekends), so no worries—early bird worm getting and all that.

iPhone crashed hard yesterday when I got home, enough that I had to go to the Apple Store (in University Village—ugh) to swap it with a new one. How cool is it that I can just go do that? You're getting it right, Apple.

Four apartments viewed (only one worth consideration), with another three appointments today. Probably a little nutty to be doing so much scouting while barlow_girl is away, but it gives me something to do and gets my thinking in gear. Just because we'd rather not move doesn't mean we can't make the most of the opportunity.