January 12th, 2008

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Trying to get better, everywhere

Being sick bites. Think I'm on the upswing, and it never got terrible, but it was enough to make me cancel some plans yesterday and decline another invite. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Today is a first birthday party for Adam & Erika's son, Zach (need to call and see if they'd rather I skip, since I'm still sick), then a "better late than never" birthday bash for velouria73.

Looking at financial tracking/budgeting software usable on the web (so I can enter expenses on the fly). Quicken just released an online version with an iPhone interface, but it looks like Wesabe may accommodate all of our need (including an iPhone interface for me) without the $2.99/month charge. It also seems to have a few other features that could be handy. No harm in trying the free one first and seeing if we hit any limits.

Behind on a bunch of stuff. Hate that.