December 22nd, 2007


Salvation and violence

Enjoyed I Am Legend for what it was (a big budget Hollywood blockbuster). Understanding its limits, there's a scene that stuck with me because of the larger story it reflects.

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The offer of salvation from the One who can give it is likewise often met with snapping jaws and violence. Though we know we are broken and diseased, we want our own way, lashing out at life and light. We create our own "order," rejecting health and hope, except as something to devour and destroy for our own ends. We are so much less than we are created to be, and it seems we're committed to making every effort to keep it that way. Because we no longer possess the capacity to imagine anything better than our own desire, our rage often becomes focused on the One who offers salvation.

One of the wonders of the gospel is that even this was part of His plan—He knew we would destroy Him, and He made our violence an integral part of His mercy. That's a kind of hope and grace I cannot fathom, much less undo.