December 8th, 2007


Social baby steps

Holiday get-togethers have pretty much cornered the market on this week's calendar. Scroogish as I may be about the abundance of gatherings (we've had twelve Evites within a month, plus other events), it's really been fun, and we have more to come today (two get-togethers). We head to Iowa for a few days at the end of next week, and once we get back, we have a lot more unscheduled margin.

All the social stuff threatens me sometimes. I get afraid of being drained and used up (as an introvert, I recharge by time away from groups of people). The fear is often more dangerous than the reality, however, and by baby steps, I think I'm learning that. Recharging, while important, doesn't have to be the consuming concern I can let it grow to become. Wisdom about how I spend my time is a gift, but God also has other gifts and ways of sustaining me. I don't have to save myself.