July 7th, 2007

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Last night was such a great time with Brian & Carolyn. Carolyn made a delicious dinner and I felt like we got to really connect and know each other better. It was a great example of growing friendship, and just what I needed in the midst of the questions I've been asking about friendship in general. Toward the end of the night we started watching Children of Men, and while we couldn't stay up through the whole thing (and weren't as interested in paying rapt attention to the film over one another), I noticed it's part of this weekend's Amazon Unbox 99¢ sale, so it's now downloading to my TiVo from my $15 Unbox credit. Sweet.

Today, barlow_girl's friend Myers is in town from Atlanta, so we'll be able to hang out a while and I'm looking forward to it. Despite my questions and limits, there's so much to enjoy in our time with people. I suppose there's tension in that, and it'd probably be "easier" if I didn't struggle or just chopped social stuff out of my schedule, but life's not really that simple and those answers aren't better than really wrestling with what matters and why. Under the Curse, it's a mixed bag down here, and in my deepest heart, I'd rather not live a life that pretends otherwise—that would diminish the glory of God in both directions.