March 3rd, 2007


Logistics, good and bad

People are weird.

Wound up working yesterday, due to some logistics about letterhead and other details even more mundane. No biggie, but I can feel it when I've had less time to decompress. I've got it pretty good; I just like having a rhythm and notice when it's off.

Speaking of logistics and being off, I've spent an inordinate amount of time in email ping-pong with a travel agent only to learn that A) a flight I wanted to book after the wedding no longer exists, and 2) she couldn't book tickets for me anyway. The latter point would have been great to know up front and seems to defeat the purpose of actually being a travel agent. Once I learned it was a bust, I got everything set up on my own in an hour or so without a hitch. That'll teach me not to just do things on my own.

Logistical silliness aside, I'm looking forward to our wedding more and more daily. That's been the last piece for me to really warm up to. From engagement (and even before engagement), I've been excited about our marriage and building a life together with barlow_girl. And further down the road, planning the honeymoon got more and more exciting as the details fell in to place. But I have to admit to a certain amount of ambivalence about the wedding itself—on the one hand, it's good to celebrate and honor how God reveals Himself through marriage with friends and family; on the other, it's a boatload of details, negotiations, and stresses for something that could be accomplished in a few minutes with our pastor. As it draws near and the specifics firm up, however, I grow increasingly excited for everyone to come together to witness and celebrate with us. Because really, it's not just about us, and I don't know when else we'll ever be blessed to enjoy time with such a sampling of people we love. Perhaps it's just becoming more real. Whatever the case, I like it.