November 11th, 2006


Making room

Trying to cut back and tighten up all over the place—eat less food, spend less money, eat out less (a combination of the previous two), not always have music or television on, etc. It's not too hard, really, and I should have been doing it sooner. It's a small step toward better discipline, leveling the ground a bit before implementing more firm and deliberate limits and budgets. Every time I stop myself is an opportunity to preach the gospel to myself: what I'm doing isn't that important, really, and only has meaning in the context of God's larger story. It's important to leave behind false comforts, leave margin for interruption, and create space for God and others to show up. I'm making room for better things.

Along these lines: what happens to our calendars? In trying to schedule something with friends between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I found that barlow_girl and I have a grand total of three free evenings together between here and there. Three. I'm trying very hard not to feel overwhelmed.

The city was beautiful on my morning walk. I love living here.