October 6th, 2006


Fade to black

On the way home yesterday, thought about how I doubted I could successfully go back to my old line of work in higher education anymore, even if there were an open door. I feel plainly and simply too old for the front-line work, and navigating the agendas and back-room politics of upper administration is too maddening to be worthwhile.

As if to punctuate the latter point, this morning brings news of more of the same from my last institution. This kind of garbage is hardly exclusive to Jesuit institutions, but it adds a texture that's all the more sinister and repulsive.

Still, it's strange to realize that a competency has vanished, that I can no longer effectively do something at which I once excelled. That's life, of course—it's not the first to slip and likely won't be the last. I'm just not who I was, and I have to try not to see that as a failure. In some respects, I never was who I hoped to be, and maybe that's the kind of thing I can only come to grips with over time. Letting go of heroes is hard, and perhaps none so difficult as myself.

There, I polled it (a special edition of the "There, I said it" series)

Because I see variations of this all over, all the time...

Poll #838667 God and The One

Does God promise a mate for everyone?

Just for people who have a desire to marry (if you have the desire, He has a mate; if not, you have the gift of singleness).
Just for people He has favor upon.
No, not for everyone, but for some people.
No, not for anyone.
I don't think He promised, but I still act like He did.

I believe this because...

of a Scriptural basis (or lack therof).
it's what I've been taught.
it feels right.
it makes me/others feel better.
I don't know and don't comment on that kind of thing.

If you have Scripture references or another basis for your belief (or any additional thoughts on the topic at all), please feel free to share that in a comment.

Edit: Just realized it's going to drive me nuts if people choose the "Scriptural basis" option for one of the affirmative choices but don't share that basis. If you have truth, bring it! Edify!