September 16th, 2006


There, I said it (seven in a series)

Via Reuters (emphasis mine):
...The statement came amid mounting anger from Muslims over remarks by the Pope in a speech in his native Germany on Tuesday that was seen as critical of their faith. Calls for him to apologize had spread beyond the Islamic world.

In that speech, the Pope appeared to endorse a Christian view, contested by most Muslims, that the early Muslims spread their religion by violence. Islamic fury erupted on Thursday and has cast doubt on a visit the Pope plans to Turkey in November....

...Two churches -- neither of them Catholic -- were fire-bombed in the West Bank, although no one was hurt....
Point proven.

Setting aside questions about Islam's status as a "religion of peace" and just looking at the behavior on an individual level, what kind of moron has this thought process?:
I can't believe their leader said my religion was spread by violence in its early years. That's ridiculous! It makes me so angry that I'm going to set fire to their place of worship. That will show how wrong they are!

It's like the Danish cartoon all over again. Seriously, how messed up is it to respond to possible allegations of ancient violence with a firebombing? The world and the media will be quick to point out that "these are just a few extremists," but even accepting this to be true, when was the last time Christians, extreme or otherwise, responded to insults from Islamic leaders with global anger and firebombing mosques? Criticizing Christians past and present is a regular pastime for millions across the globe—if I got violent anytime some moron popped off with some half-baked litany of Christian injustices throughout history, I wouldn't have time to get anything else done. Until Christians regularly and globally respond this way to these sorts of stimuli, maybe it's OK to lay off of us for a little while.