July 15th, 2006

Seattle fog

The Gibeonite Deception

Fun last night with unblinkable, p150, overcast, dashausfrau, and barlow_girl. We enjoyed dinner at BluWater Bistro (great suggestion, journeyto!), then adjourned to dessert at Dilettante Chocolates (great suggestion, barlow_girl!). Lots of laughing and good conversation. I don't think our Southern visitors will recover from culture shock until well after their return to North Carolina, especially since the wedding they're shooting today is being officiated by Stalking Cat. Actually, I don't think I'm over that one, either.

In my ongoing effort to be so busy that I can't breathe, barlow_girl and I are headed to a matinee of "Smoke on the Mountain" at Taproot Theatre this afternoon, then dinner with friends afterward. Tomorrow, in addition to our two worship services, we have a congregational meeting, a cookout, and Grace On Tap at the Hopvine Pub in the evening. I'm blessed to have all of this on the schedule, but it's a bit daunting to an introvert.

The editorial heading of Joshua 9 in the ESV translation of the Bible is "The Gibeonite Deception." Wouldn't that make a great title for a novel or movie?