June 21st, 2006

Apple blossom

Sweet (Amy's) home Alabama

Returned Monday from a great trip to Alabama to meet barlow_girl's family. Feels like too much to even sum up, let alone detail, but I had a fantastic time. Amy's dad, mom (quiltlady), and brother (pigthatisbig) are so warm, hospitable, and fun—I felt at home right away. I think I may have met a good portion of the town during my stay, but there was also plenty of time spent just with the family. Some highlights:
  • Bringing coffee from Victrola and pizza from Northlake in hopes that a taste of Seattle will get them to come visit.
  • Good conversations, witty banter, fun entertainment (Brian Regan: I Walked on the Moon, Over the Hedge, Dirty Jobs, The Incredibles, etc.), and delicious food (smoked chicken, apple crisp, pecan pie, cheese biscuits, and so much more!) the entire visit.
  • Playing Cranium Turbo Edition with hilarious family friends.
  • Worshipping with One Accord Family Church on Sunday morning, with an old-fashioned potluck lunch afterward.
  • Sunday dinner with Amy's grandparents.
  • Swinging by Auburn on the way back to see Amy's alma mater (something I love to do as an old college geek).
  • Spending lots of time with Amy.
Yeah, that's not nearly enough to cover it, but I'll never get back to journalling otherwise.
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There, I said it (five in a series)

I understand that video recordings of childbirth are supposed to be documenting a natural and special event, but do they really make any more sense than having a photographer in there snapping shots the whole time with a 35 mm SLR, complete with flash and zoom? How about also making a video of the child's conception—after all, who would want to watch either one besides the parents?

(This message brought to you by the flyers strewn about Capitol Hill appealing for the return of a stolen video camera which contained childbirth recordings. To the poster: I'm sorry you got ripped off, but seriously, what are you thinking? And no, I'm not a bit surprised that you invoked "karma" in your all-caps tirade.)
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