March 21st, 2006


London calling

Back from London and enjoyed a recovery day yesterday. Looking forward to getting back to the office, though I'm sure there's a small mountain of mail and email to plow through.

London was great fun, as was Connor & Sara's wedding. Eva and Meg were also there, and we frequented such pubs as The Cock and Lion and The Hog in the Pound. Everyone dresses better in London (or at least in the section of Westminster where the wedding was), with crisp shirts and trousers, knotted ties and scarves. And everyone sounds smarter than I, except for the fact that they use the the word "toilet" for restrooms (which seems embarrassingly vulgar and out-of-place to my American ears). Loved the architecture and the taxis. I'd relish the opportunity to return sometime when I can stay longer and do some sightseeing. This was my first trip overseas, and the journey some how made me feel as if I were participating in life more. Travel could be addictive, but financial limitations are an effective offset.

All that said, it's very good to be home.