October 17th, 2005


Songs yet to be sung

Setting up the digital cable on Saturday was indeed a pain, involving two trips to Radio Shack for cables (the ones they directed me to the first time were wrong—I hate when sales staff feel the need to get involved instead of letting me do my thing) and a kludgy infrared workaround to put the TiVo and the cable box on the same page. Blasted thing is still dropping digits and has screwed up one recording already because of it.

The music channels from digital cable have inspired me to give contemporary Christian music a shot again, since there's no inane "we keep your family safe and God bless America!" chatter from DJs as on the local station. In some ways, listening again is a nice change of pace. On the other hand, so much of it is simultaneously saccharin and bland that I don't think I could make a musical diet of it. The Fall has had at least as much of an effect on the "Christian" music industry as on the rest of the world, but the rest of the world doesn't have as much pretense about it. I can respect that. Also, the "Christian" market forces a level of homogeneity that's mind-numbingly boring. I think I've reached my tolerance after only a day. The good news is that this playlist doesn't define the range of artists who are Christian.

Mostly well now, thank God. It's nice to be able to hold onto thoughts for longer than a few seconds; that's the part of being sick I hate the most.

Want to get up early on a regular basis. I use my time so much better when I get up early than when I stay up late. A change would do me so much good.
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