August 9th, 2005


Hope springs

Community Group gathering at the park tonight. Looking forward to reconnecting and just being relaxed, even as I hope that we don't get sidetracked derailed into cramped personal dramas. It's a thin line, and I tend to get frustrated when we cross it and can't make it back (without a lot of effort). That's the glorious mess of community, though, and my embrace of it needs to come from my faith and hope in God, not in others.

I miss random IMs from moneysocal through the day. When he gets back from camp, he'd better get back to work.

Last week I caught up over the phone with Sara, Christopher's ex-wife, for the first time in a year or so. Sounds like God's seen her through so much in the divorce, though I'm well aware that it's a pain that rarely fully vanishes, even when God uses it for redemptive and refining purposes. I'm not sure that's a tension that's ever meant to be dismissed on this side of Heaven.

She's released from the corpse their marriage became, even though she fought for it, and is seeing so much of God's faithfulness on the other side. She's grown a ton and come to own her faith in ways that may come only through suffering. And she's considering a future with another man (which I assumed was the case when she made contact again). I'm just glad she can have hope.

Travelocity sent me tunes for my trip to Atlanta next week. Is it silly to be counting the days?