July 21st, 2005


Thursday is the new Friday

We have enjoyed the firstfruits of the Spirit, and they have set us hungering and thirsting for the fulness of the heavenly vintage. We groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption. Here we are like Israel in the wilderness, who had but one cluster from Eshcol, there we shall be in the vineyard. Here we see the manna falling small, like coriander seed, but there shall we eat the bread of heaven and the old corn of the kingdom. We are but beginners now in spiritual education; for although we have learned the first letters of the alphabet, we cannot read words yet, much less can we put sentences together; but as one says, "He that has been in heaven but five minutes, knows more than the general assembly of divines on earth." We have many ungratified desires at present, but soon every wish shall be satisfied; and all our powers shall find the sweetest employment in that eternal world of joy.

—Charles Haddon Spurgeon, My Utmost for His Highest (21 July, Morning: "Beginning Education")

What breathtaking hope!

Wrapping up the work week today. I think one of the things I enjoy about my job is that, while some of the tasks are cyclical, there's also a regular sense of completion—I know when some things are finished. If I finish early, I may take in a matinee of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Looks like fun.