June 10th, 2005


Coming undone

Our church orchestra's new CD, Depth of Mercy, is now available for online purchase. You can also check out sample tracks from the order page. I am so glad to be getting this out there—it's beautiful.

I continue to be messy with my life. Nothing is irredeemable, but I easily settle (or grab for) a life far less than the one Christ offers me. I say that with a smile on my face, because He Himself is the way—He is the gate through which I pass, He is the vine from which I grow, He is my rest and my reward. While I can run from Him, I can't undo Him or screw Him up.

And He runs faster than I do. And I get tired long before He does.

Sometimes we believe what we want to; sometimes we believe what we have to. It takes courage, patience, and perhaps even a little foolhardiness to hold out until we believe what is true. Often, that will undo us—if so, then let us be undone in the hope of being true.
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Orange skies

Enjoying the night's breeze and a cup of tea out on the patio, nestled under the Japanese maple. Nothing of note to write; just wanted to spend some time out here, and writing makes a good excuse.

Finished up Fahrenheit 9/11. Regardless of political belief, the one thing that seems clear from the film is that Michael Moore is a manipulative, bitter man. How ironic that a man can be so large and so very, very small at the same time.

Pagliacci's gave me my pizza on the house tonight. I was delighted.

Looking at the patch of sky blanketed by low clouds, orange with the light of the city, I'm wistful and remember. It wasn't until college in Houston that I'd seen the night sky that way—in Iowa, the nights were star-filled, pitch black, or somewhere in between. The city's light was new to me, and I remember so many nights spent on a hidden rooftop perch, looking up with tears in my eyes and so many questions of God. That still happens.