May 2nd, 2005


Where the lines fall

Seems like ages yet again since I enjoyed Earl Grey in the early morning hours. Looks like another light week at the office ahead (John is in Tucson with his wife for some much-deserved, kid-free vacation time). Since there's no payroll or payables this week, there are only a few weekly tasks on the docket. Social calendar is more full this go-round—Jeremy is coming over to grill tonight, may have Blanche over for dinner Thursday (need to confirm) and a gang to watch more Battlestar Galactica on Friday (need to email). Thankfully, there's really no prep needed for Community Group tomorrow; we'll be interviewing Megan instead of doing a study.

My thoughts aren't deep this morning; there's simply a quiet underlying gratitude for my life and who God has been to me.
Thou, Lord, my allotted portion, Thou my cup,
Thou dost enlarge my boundaries:
the lines fall for me in pleasant places,
indeed I am well content with my inheritance.

—Psalm 16:5-6
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