March 28th, 2005


The Oracle of Schiavo

I haven't written about Terri Schiavo here, though she's been on my mind every day lately. That's hard to avoid with the media attention, but it's the kind of situation that would haunt me regardless, and one I've been aware of for a few years now. Part of not mentioning it has been my being caught up in my own stuff, another part has been not having the words to even capture it all.

But honestly, there's not much for me to say. What's happening to her is evil, and that's all there is to it.

It's the stuff of an oracle against our culture:
  • Science and medicine are used to justify a horrendous death rather than to heal.
  • The legal system is a maze by which everyone runs from responsibility or even a sense of right and wrong—far beyond her blind impartiality, justice has been bound, gagged, and left to starve alongside Terri.
  • The nature of marriage being understood as simply a matter of pleasure seeking and mutual convenience is starkly exposed.
  • Idols of development and progress have sentenced a woman to death by starvation, because the authorities have determined she is not (and cannot be) who we require her to be in order to be considered a viable life (we have been doing this for decades with the unborn).
  • The vague spirituality of our Oprahfied society makes it all OK, because we can hold to the idea she's just "being freed from her body" instead of being the victim of a state-ordered slow and cruel execution without the means of recourse given to a convicted murderer or rapist. With a couple random acts of kindness and a celebrity interview, all shall be well with our higher power and our personal growth.

I pray for peace for Terri and those who love her. And I know I should pray for forgiveness and mercy for those who are killing her, and those who are enabling them to do so, but I'm having trouble with that. I want justice.
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