January 28th, 2005


End of a week

Had to work a bit today, which isn't my favorite day-off activity. Nothing too stressful and I was done by 13:00; it's just the principle of the thing. In all honesty, I haven't a thing to complain about and I know it. And I haven't been chronically busy 100% of the time lately—just enough to feel off balance and unwilling/unable to connect with my life and the people I want in it. I can feel myself winding down a bit now, though, and that's most welcome.

Saw In Good Company with Anne last night. moneysocal, remember when your friends made you see Elektra instead of this? I'm no longer convinced you got the raw end of the deal. This movie was a mess. Characters, pacing, and plot flowed as if edited via Cuisinart. Annoying product placement and "hip" soundtrack-for-the-sake-of-sales. I (continue to) find Scarlett Johansson thoroughly uncompelling. And the muddled underlying theme supported an idolatry of vocation and career that I've found to be A) destructive, and B) patently false. Topher Grace was fairly engaging, but otherwise, not recommended.

Since people seemed to like when I posted pictures:
Shoes Thinking about getting these shoes.
Connor is coming over and we are going to be the hugest geeks in the world in front of my TiVo tonight.
SciFi Friday
EDIT: Seems pics.livejournal.com is down for the moment, hence the blanks where pictures would be. Figures.

EDIT 2: Back now.
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