December 21st, 2004


In flight movie

Hard to say when I'll have access to upload an entry, but that breaks the monotony a bit. Who knows what I can collect here until then?

Watched The Ladykillers on my iBook on the flight (first time, of course). Not impressive, but diverting. That's just what airplane DVDs should be.

Brief layover (Tuesday evening) at Chicago O'Hare. Spent quite a bit of time here over the years; I can feel the midwestern influence, though it's hard to put into words. Arriving in Des Moines is unmistakably Iowa: friendly, sleepy, a bit out of step, yet not detrimentally so.

My checked bag is 90% Christmas gifts by weight: coffee and paraphernalia, DVDs, and books, including a huge Civil War atlas. One of these days I'll be smart enough to have things delivered.

Praying for patience. I love my family, and want to love them well, but my impatience always gets in my way.
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