December 10th, 2004


Genius Bar (or "Why I love Apple this week")

My first entry from my spankin' new iBook. It arrived yesterday, which was days faster than expected and forced me to juggle my work schedule so I could be home to receive it. Perfect size for being mobile and doing the things I do. Unfortunately, the refurb wireless card I ordered with it turned it into a big white plastic paperweight when installed. A call to the Apple mothership directed me to simply go to the University Village Apple Store for some attention.

Anyone who knows me a bit can well imagine that a trip to U Village is to me as a journey through Mordor is to a hobbit. The place is a temple to affluent consumerism, with hulking buildings ready to sell millions of dollars of merchandise no one needs, much of it manufactured to look "authentic," "timeless," and "unique." It is, in short, the ultimate Bobo marketplace.

Nevertheless, I pressed on. I own Apples, after all, and it doesn't get much more Bobo than that. Upon entering, I headed to the Genius Bar and spun my tale of woe. They took a look, identified the problem, and popped in a replacement card, all within less than five minutes and without a hint of paperwork. When the welcome screen came up, they started dancing. I joined them.

That's the way things ought to be, and I'll be commending them to their manager. I also picked up a minimalist Sling Case that is rocking my world. I ♥ mobility.

Now I'm having an all-too-rare stop at Victrola after hammering out some unfinished work at the office. Eggnog lattés continue to fuel me, and it was good to chat with Chris (the owner) a bit.
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