December 3rd, 2004


Friends from near and far

Just back from dinner with dashausfrau, jeney, journeyto, pinkroo, overcast (with John and Randall), unblinkable (with Mabry), and sillypilgrim at Buca di Beppo. Great fun, and so wonderful that Jeney and Melanie could come to visit. Mabry, of course, is also quite the charmer, and Randall got to show me his Spider-Man motorcycle (which I covet).

I feel so blessed by the friendships through this medium. It's the last thing I expected when I started writing here years ago. Connecting online personas with flesh-and-blood faces and personalities is unique, and I'll readily confess some nervousness from time to time. That said, I've met so many wonderful people face-to-face—tonight, last week, and over the years. And while there are many I may never meet except through the net, each is a blessing all the same.

Now, some couch potato time. That's a blessing, too. Besides, I need to rest up from so much eating and laughter!
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