November 12th, 2004


Finish line

Made it to another day off. Not that this was truly in doubt, but a couple of late-week frustrations at the office had me blowing my stack on multiple occasions. One issue that rose to the surface: I want to understand and agree with everything I do at work, even when it's small and simple stuff. That's a completely ridiculous and counterproductive expectation—my boss has the right to be my boss, to ask me to do something and see it done without a negotiation process each time. I apologized and all is well relationally, but this is a key tendency and character area I'm convinced I need to watch and improve.

Technology has been another thorn in my flesh. Like the obedience/authority issue, it's a matter of being spoiled. Lately my PowerBook has been showing signs of its age and eventual demise (the screen flickers regularly). Unfortunately, the church has been poor enough that I've been using my personal PowerBook for work for the last year and a half, and I'm concerned that it will give up the ghost before we can purchase a replacement (FY 2005 at the earliest). That would be ugly. My outdated equipment is also a factor in the fits I'm having while trying to compile a multimedia CD (PDFs and MP3s) of the last sermon series. Where there's a will there's a way, they say, and I've got nothing if not will.

My home internet connection has likewise been wonky for the past week or so. Here at least I'm encouraged that I can do something— purchased a new cable modem and the problems seem to have vanished. Give me some wood to knock on.

Trucked up to Irwin's for coffee (where I am now) just to get the day moving along. nerdgoddess will be glad to know I broke out my U.S.S. Defiant mug for the first time in months; the insulation keeps my coffee warm through my lazier visits.

No plans today, aside from having groceries delivered (one of the best things ever). I have a stockpile of DVDs and chunks of TiVo to plow through if I want to be a couch potato; plenty of housekeeping to do in order to feel productive; and a stack of books for the reading in an effort to be learned. I'll probably go for the sampler platter.
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