September 22nd, 2004


Sick day

Home sick. Unfun. Still getting plenty of work done at least.

Good time with Community Group last night. Good to host again, even if just for a week. Sumit, a new member of our group, rocks my world. He brings so much, and it's encouraging to see someone dive in and engage the way he has. I love growth.

Television personalities almost invariably creep me out. Not actors; just people who are "themselves." Advice-givers give me still more heebs, usually because they have radically different values than mine (which often only appear subtly differ—all the more sinister). For example, today was my first exposure to Suze Orman. She may really know what she's talking about and help a lot of people. That's not even at issue. After two minutes of television time, however, I wanted to run screaming from the room. Just too much. Even without raising questions of ego, idolatry, and self-centeredness, I like my people turned down a few notches from the kind of over-the-top intensity that it seems to take to be on television.

Thank God for remote control.
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