September 10th, 2004


Wait for me NOW!

As I mentioned before, LiveJournal often turns up things that disturb me (and usually not from my friends list). Today's example is the Wait For Me Journal: Thoughts for My Future Husband by Rebecca St. James (you can even preview pages of this totally awesome book!). The entry mentioning it fawned over what a wonderful, godly idea it was, as did the comments. If this is so, I'm thinking of a few other versions we might try.

Show Me The Money Journal: Thoughts for My Future Fortune: In both the Old and New Testaments, God blesses people with wealth and resources. And sure, there are warnings about money. But there are also similar warnings about family, and we all know that marriage and family are Jesus' very favorite things ever! Besides, God has placed a genuine desire for money in my heart, and He's given me the gifts to be a good steward of it, so there's no way He would make me this way unless He planned to give me a fortune—people often say the same thing about their desires and gifts to be married and have children as confirmation of God's future will, and they can't be wrong!

Get Away From Me Journal: Thoughts for My Future Singleness: We know that both singleness and marriage are gifts from God. Some churches teach that these gifts are limited: "If you have the desire to be married, then you don't have the gift of singleness." It stands to reason, then, that the opposite would be true: those who have the genuine gift of marriage would never desire to be single. Unfortunately, some realize only after marriage that they have a desire to be single. If so, this journal is for you! Just as there are people across the country praying for God to give them the gift of marriage they long for, you can lift your hopes to Him to have your gift of singleness restored. It may be God's desire for you to spend hour upon hour setting your heart's desire on a "gift swap" and letting this be your most heartfelt prayer before Him—many single people have been encouraged to do this for years with much success!

Hurry Up And Wait For Me Journal: Honest Thoughts for My Future Husband: Since this is for The One The Lord Would Have For You, why not be completely honest and let him know just where he fits in your life? This version actually uses the same material as the 2002 Rebecca St. James classic, but encourages the journalmaker to dig deeper in her answers. Some sample entries:
  • When I think of you, I am reminded of...the fact that you are someone I am completely making up in my head, the one against whom I will be measuring actual flesh-and-blood men for the rest of my life (until God's perfect timing brings you to me!). Someday you will come along and fill in the empty part of my soul (well, you AND God...but you're FROM God, so thats OK!). I'm also reminded that you're the reason my youth leader told me not to have sex—I mean, I know it's for God and stuff, but it's you I'm saving myself for. If it was just to obey God and I didn't know you were waiting for me, I think I'd go cRaZy!!!1!! *blushes*
  • My hopes for our future together are...Well, first we will have a bEaUti-FULL wedding (I am SO looking forward to showing you the scrapbooks I've made for our dream wedding!!!!1!!1). I think we'll do missions together for a while, and then start our family (two girls and a boy: Britteny, Madyson, and Gideon). And I hope our happiness will not only be for us to enjoy, but will give others, especially single people, so much hope in What The Lord Would Have For Them with a wonderful marriage! *squeal*
  • I trust God's perfect timing because...God is AWESOME! He is so good, and He made me with the desire to be a wife and mommy like, forEVER (seriously!). So I know He's going to give you to me, even though I can't find exactly in the Bible where it says that (besides, the Bible is too big and freaky looking!). I just KNOW it, and so I spend time every day with Jesus writing in this journal to you and praying for you. I ♥ this journal—it's the best $20 I ever spent (I bought it with the book!). Sometimes I forget other stuff I want to pray about, like for poor people and stuff in other countries, but you are always in my heart. *happy sigh*

I think I'm onto something...
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