September 6th, 2004



Most people who are not Christians think that Christians hate them.

—Jerram Barrs

Been out of the LiveJournal groove, but was disturbed to learn of some out-and-out evil taking place here yesterday. The brief version is that some users in a community that makes fun of LiveJournals picked the journal of another user who passed away three years ago to jeer. The action is nothing short of sick in and of itself; still more disturbing was the fact that the journal belonged to halfwaypretty, who was the girlfriend of expressedinword at the time of her death. To put him through that kind of shit crosses way over the line from sick to evil (though it had honestly already been crossed).

I hate internet drama as a matter of course. This bears mentioning, however, not for the sake of evil, but for God's glory and how He uses evil for good over and over again. Kelly's journal was how I first became acquainted with Jeremy; the ripples from her passing and his clinging to God even in struggle have touched many shores with unfathomable grace. Among those, my friendship with Jeremy led me to introduce him to my dear friend Winter (taci)—they are now joyfully married.

Further, the response of Jeremy's friends to this attack has been a testament to Christ's ministry of reconciliation. People have fought through justifiable anger and bitterness to listen to God's heart and speak it to the attackers who lashed out in unjustified malice masked by morbid humor. Those who have every worldly right to vengeance have extended grace, and those who have no right whatsoever to their bitter rage have found themselves challenged in the quiet places of their soul, the ones they spend much of their lives trying to cover and guard. Beyond this, and regardless of whether any of this reaches their hearts, people have borne testimony to the truth, to the power of the Gospel, to who Jesus is. That alone is glorious.

My own heart is conflicted. I know that justice for evil will be met, either in the judgment made on the Cross or in the judgment of the Last Day. At this point, I must confess some ambivalence about which these attackers choose. But even as I type that, I know God is changing my heart, and that, too, is because of the testimony of these believers.

This world is bent on hating God, and thus, on hating Christians. Kelly is persecuted for the sake of His name even in death. And the enemy's final effort, that this would in turn Jesus' people to hatred themselves, is being thwarted by the Spirit of Christ. Thus, He is glorfied. Aslan is on the move indeed.
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