August 30th, 2004


You can't make new old friends

A treat to meet jmcphers when he visited my church yesterday. Though Sunday mornings keep me fairly busy with work, we got to chat a bit, and he also quickly became a favorite friend of a couple of our congregation's cutest little ones. Also always interested in the impressions of someone new to our worship service, so this was neat to read. I look forward to the next time we're able to connect.

Grace On Tap was enjoyable last night. Julie's music in particular always strikes a chord in me; it was part of the inspiration for a poem a couple of years ago. Glad cow was able to stop by for a bit, too.

Lunched at La Puerta with Nate today. Been too long since we caught up, and I felt as if I was more deliberate about listening and engaging than I have often been. Relationships take work.

The exodus of my LiveJournal friends continues. One of today's defriendings was personal, and thus more unpleasant. That said, I'm continually learning and having reinforced the simple truth that I cannot make friends or keep them by sheer force of will. People are and must be free, or else grace isn't grace and love isn't love. Having those things be true more than makes up for any losses.
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