August 12th, 2004


Better late than never

Overslept and started work two hours late today, but it all evened out because the work I had to do took until 19:00. Good things accomplished, though it's frustrating that much of my effort was spent playing detective and ironing out things others had left neglected and wrinkled. That's life in the world, plus a little job security to boot.

It's been a very alone kind of week (work aside), and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Schizophrenic that way: I want to be known, but hardly anyone really knows me. No one, in fact, whith whom I'm in regular, face-to-face contact. My friends here are dear, without a doubt—there are simply things they don't know, facets which remain hidden. When it's time, I know, and that hasn't happened yet. Lots of long conversations get bottled up inside in the meantime (not that I could ever find the right words to have them anyway).

Taking in a movie with Connor tomorrow afternoon. Not sure what we'll see yet; I'll probably take a look once I'm finished with this. Looking forward to giving him his birthday present.
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