July 9th, 2004


Moving backward

As part of my lazy day off, I flipped television channels to find an episode of Roswell. Ugh. From the beginning, it's about beautiful twentysomethings playing beautiful teens making out with each other. The characters use the phrase "moving forward" as a euphemism for almost randomly hooking up with each other. And it's supposed to be love, and we're supposed to be worshipping it. And most of us do, myself included.

Does anyone learn to love from God anymore? These idols never give back as much as they take. They always fail, and they usually wait until we're in a crunch until they do.

We're so screwed up. No wonder. We're told we're supposed to get lost in another person, and when we do, we are indeed lost. He gave us one another to love under Him, with Him, not instead of Him. Love shared with another person can give us so much, but God save us from worshipping it. There's no life in it then.
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