April 10th, 2004


The death of sin

Have you made the following decision about sin—that it must be completely killed in you? It takes a long time to come to the point of making this complete and effective decision about sin. It is, however, the greatest moment in your life once you decide that sin must die in you—not simply be restrained, suppressed, or counteracted, but crucified—just as Jesus Christ died for the sin of the world. No one can bring anyone else to this decision. We may be mentally and spiritually convinced, but what we need to do is actually make the decision that Paul urged us to do in this passage [Romans 6:6].

Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest (10 April, "Complete and Effective Decision About Sin")

God's working on me with this. Though He invites and pursues and forgives, He never changes His position on sin. It is punishable by death and no less, Christ's or my own—in a way, Christ's and my own. The Father's acceptance of His perfect sacrifice in no way gives sin more place in my life. Less, in fact, because I am now free, because it is no longer part of my identity. I may stumble on this side of heaven (though He is able to keep me from it), but that's different from pursuing stumbling, which is more akin to an athlete who purposely throws a contest. We know this is wrong, not because of rules or punishments or morality, but primarily because it's an affront to who the athlete is. I too, am to run the race set before me because of who I am now, in Him. The crucifixion of sin is part of my identity.

Separate though related: people creep me out sometimes, though I feel guilty admitting it. The internet provides a new level for this—in the face-to-face world, I can be affected by how people act; in the virtual world, they can give me the willies when I read what they think. These are all two-way streets, of course. Makes the gossip thing I mentioned yesterday all the more challenging.

Seattle has been gorgeous these past few weeks, full of blooms and scent and color. Every walk has been a discovery, moreso than I can remember from years past. A gift for the senses and the gift of senses to appreciate it. Thank You.
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Staying awake

Just home from the Community Group potluck. Great time/food/company (cookout at John and Linn's); feeling dog tired but need to finish laundry before I sleep. I suck at entertaining myself at times like this.
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