March 30th, 2004


Judgement call

To lunch now or to wait? My office supply order status taunts me:
You are stop # 56. The truck is currently at stop #44 of 76.
Screw it. I'm going.
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Go you!

Office space

My fortune cookie fortune:
You will have a new look
that will do wonders.
Excellent—the old look hasn't been doing jack squat.

Today is about prioritization, complete with lists on sticky notes. Since my PowerBook is going under the knife for a few days, I need to be sure I've produced everything I need to with it before it goes. Funny what that does to workflow; it's like planning for a day at the office without a telephone or pens.

For some bizarre reason, when I switch the phone to speaker, I always gingerly place the handset back in the cradle, a la Indiana Jones putting the weighted bag in place of the golden idol in the temple. Maybe I should look behind me for a huge rolling boulder.

Would love to have a couple of hours between work and Community Group tonight if I can swing it. Things go better for me when I have some margin.
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