March 11th, 2004



Just spent the entire morning troubleshooting a problem that doesn't need to be solved at all. I am an idiot.
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Worked steadily through the day. Been a bit off for a lot of this week, so plugging away kept me from awkward interactions, short-fused irritability, and mounting insecurity. Very aware that there's a big gap between my fluctuating feelings and reality. In light of this, doing my best to steer clear of anything too fragile or volatile. Alone at the office today, and that helped. Day off tomorrow, and that will help more.

In the meantime, begged off some social time I'd looked forward to earlier in the week. My evening now consists of pizza, television, and tinkering further with the church website (now that I have some momentum it feels good to see it take shape), all of which can be done from the comfort of this couch. Excellent plan.
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