March 6th, 2004


Out of the groove

Very out of my groove and uncomfortable with that. People and busyness each seem to be drawing double portions of my time and energy; when have moments to myself, I'm fried and useless. Want to look forward with hope but without foolish optimism, to have a sense of both the prize and the finish line grounded in the reality of the gospel rather than my wishes. That takes effort and discipline to sustain; I have been faithful investing neither.

Vision meeting for Community Group leaders this morning; turnout was better than I had expected. These are the kinds of surprises I need. Heading out in a few to go to the open house at The Upper Room, our church's artists' cooperative downtown. Looking forward to surprising them with a bottle of champagne to celebrate the occasion; not looking forward to having yet another activity on my schedule, filled with people and noise.

I really want to feel like myself again.
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