March 5th, 2004


Foul-mood Friday

Not a good day for me to be around people, so I'm avoiding it as much as possible. Didn't even dare write anything here until I had my coffee in hand, and even so I'm on (or over) the verge of being a massive alienating pinhead. Life is risk.

Can't find my copy of Life Together; I'm supposed to have another chapter read for my dinner meeting with Annette, Heather, and Nate. Don't even want to have this meeting, really, because I'm feeling Community Grouped to death—retreat last weekend, meeting Tuesday, dinner Friday, vision meeting Saturday morning, group again Tuesday. My major complaint against humanity in general (myself included) is that we have no sense of enough. Enough.

Trying to work on the church website and finding everything a confusing, unnecessarily complicated mess. Same headaches as always; I'm tempted to gut it and begin again rather than hit the same disorganization whenever I try to work with it. Claiming some minor victories of the "three steps forward, two steps back" variety, but it's better than nothing.

It really is better for me to work with machines and code than people right now, though. No doubt about that.
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