March 2nd, 2004


What is blind cannot see

One of those mornings when I wish I were someone else. This will likely pass with a healthy dose of gratitude, the remembrance that even at my most awful and weak—indeed, even though I am more awful and weak than I dare admit—He has made me righteous, beautiful, and strong in Him, for the sake of love alone.

Need to make better choices and stop digging up sin from the grave. He paid with everything to put it there.
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    Pegasus, "Black (Dark Mix)"


Spent the day at the office yesterday; taxes, financials, and a downed web/email server conspired to thwart my hopes for a day out. Instead, I'm trying to take that day today. I'll probably work through most of it; all I need is the breathing room to not be responding to work things. The drawback of today over yesterday is that I still have Community Group tonight, but perhaps it's best for me to be refreshed by then rather than having the whole day to do with as I please. I'm not such a wise steward, so it may be better to entrust me with less.

My home is much, much messier than I'd like. Everything needs a good cleaning, but not everything is going to get one today. Baby steps.

Love this song.
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    Phil Keaggy, "The Survivor"