February 13th, 2004


Social overdrive

Since last writing, I've largely either been working or spending social time. Wednesday evening Connor and I brought back the hot pepperoni pizza and Enterprise tradition. Fulfilling on all fronts. Last night was Diane Schuur at Jazz Alley with Ann. We go there a couple times a year; always great food, entertainment, and conversation. Deedles didn't disappoint— this time, I appreciated the way she uses her voice as an instrument even more than in the last concert. Maybe my taste is growing.

Productive meeting with my B-Side Records partners over lunch at Murphy's. Exciting to talk about where we're headed and to build a better sense of what I bring to the table. The fact that the latter is difficult to define isn't discouraging to me, though it easily could be. I know who I am, I believe I'm in the right place at the right time, and the rest is an adventure. If that means I'm not easily flowchartable, that's something I can live with— I do good work with talented people and have a sense of ways I can serve, regardless of whether that makes me head of a division.

After that I spent some time with Jeremy. It had been too long. Talking on the roof as we looked out at the city and the mountain was the kind of moment I can't get enough of.

Now I'm at Teahouse Kuan Yin and Nate just arrived. Murphy's again in a little while with all who can come. Up early tomorrow to prepare for our church's Intro seminar, and potluck at the boys' place that evening. Full calendar, good times.
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