February 7th, 2004


Observations and lists

A few observations on my LiveJournal habits:
  • Wouldn't have guessed that a day would come when I'd be even more long-winded in my comments than I am in my entries. Today may be that day.
  • May be guilty of severe overuse of the dash. Keeping an eye out for the punctuation authorities.
  • The phrase "too often" also tends to be used...well, you know.
Since I had dinner with my fellow Community Group leaders last night, I have the morning, and in fact the entire day, to myself. Though I love our Saturday morning meetings, today's freedom is novel and enjoyable.

Speaking of novel, I'd like to read more. Television and the internet have given me the attention span of a hummingbird (that's just conjecture; they may read War and Peace in their private hours), and that needs to change. Because I'm apparently listy this morning, books in some state of current reading are:And on deck (somewhere) are:Having a new PowerBook battery is still rocking my world. It's the little things.
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Great and small

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful:
The Lord God made them all.

Cecil F. Alexander, "All Things Bright and Beautiful" (1848)

A whole day spent in solitude does wonders for me. Sometimes I'd like to be different; my introversion can seem to some as if I simply don't like people, but it's more complicated than that, and trying to explain who I am can be more disheartening than being thought ill of, so I run the former risk. God knows who I am, and I'm learning.

So I've taken time for the little things: tidying up (actual housecleaning is far beyond my scope just now), taking out the trash and recycling, dishes, laundry, even cooking dinner (have to start looking into that "vegetables" rumor, though broccoli will eternally remain out-of-bounds).

There are weightier matters, no doubt. My heart has its concerns and troubles, but half of those are beyond my control, and I choose to surrender the other half to Him. Doesn't mean I don't feel anything, just that I'm asking God to be my deliverer rather than living like an orphan. And He's coming through, today in the little things.
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