February 1st, 2004


Cruising along

Things are just cruising along in my neck of the woods. Friday was a social day; spent the afternoon at Murphy's with a rotating cast of characters, including David, Erick, Jenae, Jeremy, Melissa, Nate, and Nathan. Evening brought the housewarming for the Meridian boys, complete with a rousing round of The Chocolate Bar Game (it involves mittens, a scarf, a hat, a plastic knife and fork, tape, newspaper, a six-sided die, and of course, a large chocolate bar). Felt my social energy leaving pretty early into the night, though, so I headed out fairly early.

After our usual CG leaders' prep and breakfast, spent most of yesterday holed up inside. Hate the fact that just being with others, even when I thoroughly enjoy it, also wipes me out.

Today's been the work and worship routine, with Gathering of Prayer in an hour or so. My spirit is unsettled and unhappy, though I don't know why. It's not circumstances; things are going well. Maybe I'm just overresponding to some minor frustrations that I don't want to admit are getting under my skin (silly stuff, like annoying computer issues). Analysis doesn't seem like a good use of time and effort; I just want to be free of it. Life is good, so I'd like to be responding to it that way.
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Process of elimination

On petty computer annoyances, I've now tested and supported the hypothesis that the battery connection problems on my PowerBook (the ones that make it so touchy that it shuts down with one wrong nudge) are in fact the fault of my four-month-old third-party battery. Don't know why I didn't do this sooner, but I finally brought out my severely depleted original battery and it works like a charm (a severely depleted charm, but a charm nonetheless). Feels good to know.

Speaking of elimination, I got home in time to watch Survivor: All-Stars. Kick ass.
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